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About Face Designs 2023

About Face Designs

BL Rogers Rep Special
$300 Credit Card order recieves FREE FREIGHT


Amanda Blu 2023

Amanda Blu


Fashion Clothing
Fresh new patterns and color palettes in loungeware combined with easy care and impressively cozy fabric make this category a proven winner for every season.

Made with quality materials like 925 silver and 18K gold plating fro lasting durability and styles that go from classic to the latest fashion trend. Collection includes timeless CZ, genuine pearls, leather and acetate as well as hand painted enamel

Brief Insanity 2023

Brief Insanity

BL Rogers Rep Special


Aurora 2023


BL Rogers Rep Special



$750+ Order will receive 12% Freight Cap

Aurora is one of the most recognized plush toys and gifts brand and a global leader in quality and affordability. For over 30 years, Aurora has offered Gifts of Smiles with its dynamic and innovative product offering that bring smiles to millions of kids of all ages.
Country House

Country House





Cuddle Barn 2023

Cuddle Barn

Minimum opening and re-order $300


Elsie Zoey

Elsie & Zoey

Resort wear and summer accessories.
Stock up for customers headed South for Spring Break!

$  400  =  FREE FREIGHT  (can combine w/Howard's)

**See Catalog for Assortment Discounts 

Opening order $250
Reorder $100



$  400  =  FREE FREIGHT  (can combine w/Elsie & Zoey)

**See Catalog for Assortment Discounts 

Opening Order $250
Reorder $100

Jen and Co

Jen & Co.



Opening Order $200
Reorder $100

Laura Janelle

Laura Janelle

$ 500 = 5% Discount
$1000 = 10% Discount

A lifestyle fashion brand that offers jewelry, apparel and giftable accessories. Mantra Scarves, loungewear to promote comfort and friendship bracelets to connect with the ones you love!

Opening Order $200
Reorder $100

My Word

My Word

$500 - $999 = 15% Freight Cap

New Product Assortment Discounts

Giggle Zone
Witty Word
Slate Impressions
Well Said
Naturally Inspired
Homie Gnomies

PBK Spring 2023

Primitives by Kathy




New Hydrangea Ornaments!
New Patterns for late summer/fall pre buy
Shard has beautiful coastal inspired earthenware that retails all year long.



 $1500 = 5% Discount
$3000 = 10% Discount


Totally Bamboo

Totally Bamboo


Viv and Lou

Viv & Lou